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Welcome to On Raising Daughters!

 Little girls are so much more than sugar and spice and all things nice. They are fierce, clever, curious, and full of potential. Yet, girls also face unique hurdles and gender bias in their developmental years. How can parents and educators better understand these challenges and learn to navigate them?

As women (who often still feel like little girls) raising girls of our own, we are humbled by this awesome responsibility. We are driven to discover the best ways to help our girls grow into strong, capable citizens.

This is why we created On Raising Daughters, a space to explore issues and topics related to raising empowered girls – so that our children have the foundation and resources to pursue healthy and happy lives.

 Some topics we’d like to tackle include body image and harassment, confidence and self-esteem, impacts of media, equal access in sports and education, identity, and leadership. We’ll do this by curating articles, conducting interviews and sharing our own musings.

We are not proclaiming to be experts; after all, we haven’t even made it through potty training yet (we welcome advice!) We’re here to learn along with you. Let our curiosity, and our backgrounds in the fields of education and communications, benefit you. We’re dedicated to using our time and our networks to gather perspectives on issues that impact raising strong girls.

On Raising Daughters aims to be a vibrant and positive community. Parenting is hard work – let’s build each other up. As the saying goes, all five fingers are not the same, and all people are not the same. Our goal is to help synthesize a variety of viewpoints, while infusing our own. We hope you’ll come here to explore ideas as well as share your own thoughts.

Your Input Needed

What do you want to know more about? What questions do you have? Let us know what would help you be a better parent and/or mentor, and we’ll add it to our list of topics to explore.

Post a comment below, or send an email to onraisingdaughters@gmail.com.

Thank you for joining our community and sharing in this amazing, crazy, silly, wonderful mission of raising confident, empowered daughters.


About the Authors 


On Raising Daughters is the personal passion of two moms who met through their local library – Joanna Durham-Barnes and Shelley Groh.

Joanna Durham-Barnes is mom to a fierce and feisty 2-year-old and stepmom to a strong and sassy young millennial. Joanna is a former elementary school teacher and college professor. She earned her master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Indiana University. She focused her career on issues of social justice in teacher education before becoming a stay-at-home mom (who never stays at home).  When not spending way too much time on social media, Joanna loves to spend time with her family, travel, read, and watch live theater.

Shelley Groh is mom to two girls, a precocious 2-year-old and a new baby (personality yet to be discovered). As director of communications for a Fortune 100 company, she develops strategic communications plans to build consumer brands and coaches executives to live into their personal brands. Shelley earned a master’s degree in Communications Management from Syracuse University and bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Winona State University. In her free time, when she’s not writing content for websites, Shelley enjoys running, boating, and brunching. She also believes in supporting organizations that provide opportunities to underserved youth; her favorites include Junior Achievement, Step Up, and Florence Crittenton.